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Removing and Preventing Blackheads with the Right Routine

Want to remove those annoying blackheads? Make sure you follow the correct daily routine. Blackheads are caused by an overproduction of sebum that accumulates in your pores. Dead skin cells that clog the opening of the pore also contribute to this. The pore then gets clogged, which may result in a blackhead.

Blackhead products to implement in your routine

When excess sebum in the pore combines with built-up layers of dead skin cells on the surface of skin and inside the pore, it clogs the pore's opening. This means sebum can no longer naturally sit on top of your skin. The combination of excess sebum and dead skin cells is exposed to oxygen. The result? The mixture oxidises and turns black, forming a blackhead.

Removing blackheads: step 1

Always choose a facial cleanser against blackheads, preferably a cleanser from the Paula's Choice collection. By cleansing your face every day, you reduce blackheads and prevent the emergence of new ones. A cleanser allows you to remove excess sebum. This ensures that an exfoliant (which you use afterwards) can reach and unclog the pores better.

Removing blackheads: step 2

Use a BHA exfoliant that penetrates deeply into your pores and removes excess sebum and dead skin cells. This helps prevent clogged pores and blackheads.

Removing blackheads: step 3

Apply an SPF moisturizer formulated to address blackheads. Sun damage sometimes distorts your pores or makes them bigger. Sebum then accumulates in your pore and grows into a blackhead. Using a moisturizer with cell-communicating ingredients helps restore your pores.

Paula's Choice moisturizers, salicylic acid products & face cleansers for blackheads

Paula's Choice moisturizers, salicylic acid products & face cleansers for blackheads Do you regularly experience blackheads? Target blackheads with the right Paula's Choice products for your skin. BHA is a powerful ingredient that helps get rid of blackheads. Use BHA for blackheads by looking for cleansers, exfoliants and treatments that include BHA or salicylic acid and use them consistently on the areas of your face that you experience blackheads. Our bestselling liquid exfoliant for blackheads and other concerns has a liquid formula to penetrate skin quickly and 2% BHA to unclog and refine pores.